Casey Aldridge News - Casey Aldridge - His Age May Raise Questions

Casey Aldridge News - Casey Aldridge - His Age May Raise Questions Following the News that Jamie Lynn Spears is Pregnant

According to an article on Fox News, Casey Aldridge may have the authorities crunching some numbers in the state of Louisiana to determine if Jamie Lynn Spears news that she is pregnant is a bundle of joy.

Jamie Lynn Spears, sister of Britney Spears and a resident of the state of Louisiana announced at Thanksgiving to her mother that she is pregnant. This may have authorities in Lousiana crunching some numbers to figure out if Casey Aldridge was within the law when he helped with Jamie Lynn Spears little surprise.

Casey Aldridge is 19 and Jamie Lynn Spears is now 16 and three months pregnant. The law in Louisiana is rather complicated and it almost requires those around the age of consent to have a degree in higher mathematics in order to do the dirty deed.:D

Miss Teen USA South Carolina - YouTube Video

Miss Teen USA South Carolina - YouTube Video

I know, I know you have seen this a billion times already...what is it doing here. It is here for the Miss Teen USA South Carolina vs. the Miss Belgium contestant shootout. I posted Miss Teen USa South Carolina performing her linguistic genius so you can review and compare to the next video.

Consider this video of Miss Teen USA South Carolina and I will let you decide the winner of the shootout between Miss Teen USA South Carolina and the 2006 Miss Belgium contest.

Miss Belgium Contestant vs. Miss Teen South Carolina - Video Shootout

Miss Belgium Contestant vs. Miss Teen South Carolina - Video Shootout

This is the Miss Belgium 2006 competition. This lovely contestant has nothing over our own Miss Teen USA South Carolina. I say that Miss Teen USA South Carolina managed a little blanker stare than this girl. It is my estimation that this girl got owned by Miss Teen USA South Carolina. Fortunately, both of these girls have other qualities.;)

I happened to come across this lovely doing an interview as I hunted for videos about Alizee Poulicek. If you don't know who Alizee Poulicek is by now read on through the next few posts.

Alizee Poulicek - Miss Belgium Alizee Poulicek Booed from Stage

Alizee Poulicek - French Speaking Miss Belgium Alizee Poulicek is Booed from the Stage in Antwerp when she could not speak Flemish or Dutch.

There has been a lot of fuss about how Alizee Poulicek was booed from the stage in Antwerp because she can't speak Flemish or Dutch. Belgium has a varied linguistic heritage, if you want to submerse yourself in Belgium's linguistic habits you can click here and find out more than normal people would ever possibly want to know about the languages of Belgium.:D

Actually, from most of the beauty pageant speeches I have heard lately, most notably the previous post and our own Miss Teen USA South Carolina in action, they were better off not being able to understand a word she said.;) Seeing as how the verbal portion of the show always seems an afterthought, I would think that the Belgian people would be smart enough to know that these lovelies aren't usually chosen for their ability to do higher math...they have other assets.;) For all I know Alizee Poulicek is a verbal and linguistic genius but since my French is rudimentary, I really don't care. I guess we will have to rely on the universal language should we ever meet.

At any rate, Alizee Poulicek is Miss Belgium whether those who speak Dutch like it or not and they are stuck with her for a year.:D Serves them right for being so rude and booing her off the stage.

By the way, I know this video tape is pitiful, but I wasn't at the event to shoot the video and it was all that was available. So get over it in the same way that the Belgians have to get over the fact that their beauty queen can't be understood by most of Belgium...sometimes you just have to live with it.